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Reality of the Self
Clarity to begin Seeking 

Reality of the Self

Basic Nature of Reality
We are living in time of transition, uncertainty, and increasing chaos.
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Making Your Life Better
Where do I begin to make my life better?
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Adding Truth to Life
What is the starting point for adding Truth to life?
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What Is God?
The Supreme Being
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Seeking The Real God
Make sure you are seeking the real God.
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How to Seek God?
Know about God first.
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Unreal Expectations
Unreal expectations will not let you find your Reality.
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Happiness and Unhappiness
Happiness cannot be defined. Know about un-happiness first.
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Clarity To Begin Seeking 

True Knowledge not Information
Information overload of today.
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A Process is essential
Why is a process required for spiritual seeking?
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Supreme Being book coverThis award winning essential guide for Seekers of Truth holds centuries old wisdom to help us find our way back “home.” A pure distillation of Truth; concise, precise, and filled with love. SupremeRealityGuide Birinder’s words are sacred alchemy that bring personal transformation to all seekers. “The Supreme Being” by Birinder Bhullar is available from and This book is also available for Kindle and as a downloadable e-book.


Nuggets of Gold from The Supreme Being for the Starved SoulEvery soul yearns and cries out for Reality. If you cannot hear the cry of your soul, your mind is blocking it. The mind creates illusions and becomes attached to the unreal, despite the soul’s search for meaning. But if you can feel the pain and unhappiness, the time has come for you to accept and shed the cause of your suffering, and seek freedom from unreality. Nuggets of Gold from The Supreme Being is the first of a series to guide you on your journey to your true Self. The guidance in this book was revealed by the Supreme Being and lived in the lives of dedicated seekers of Reality, with proven results. It will clarify and inspire you to find true purpose, happiness, and freedom in life. I am a guide, author, and teacher of Supreme Reality, living in a direct and personal relationship with The Supreme Being. I was born and grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Supreme Being began revealing to me around the age of 6. I moved to the United States in 2009 with my family, who are fully devoted spiritual seekers. We live normal lives and demonstrate how accepting and living the Spiritual Reality of the Self brings purpose, happiness and freedom in life. My background includes science, engineering, and business. I have been teaching a group of students for the last 7 years and travel worldwide to clarify people about the Reality of the Self. I was a speaker thrice at the Science and Non-duality Conference held in California every year. “Nuggets of Gold from The Supreme Being for the Starved Soul” by Birinder Bhullar is available from and This book is also available for Kindle and as a downloadable iBook.